Clipped Point Survival Knife

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Sometimes, you have to turn to the oldies for survival, because the oldies are often the goodies. This Clipped Point Survival Knife echoes the look of a do-anything survival knife, and it does not disappoint in its versatile design. Similar in overall shape to a bowie knife, this survival knife features a blackened, stainless steel clipped point blade with a satin edge finish that will leave others speechless when they see it, and doubly so when they see it in action. This knife serves well for cutting, carving, piercing, and sawing, thanks to the wide-edged teeth that adorn the back edge of the blade. Holes on the crossguard provide versatile lashing options. The handle is cord-wrapped to ensure a secure grip and a tactical look, while the pommel features a built-in compass for help with navigation. Included with the knife is a black leather sheath with a belt loop and a leg tie for secure carrying and use. With a bit of practice, using this Clipped Point Survival Knife will become like second nature, and once you reach that point, there is not a thing in the wilds that can stop you.

Key Features:

  • Features a versatile clip point blade
  • Blackened blade has satin finish to cutting edges
  • Blade features serrations on back
  • Grip is wrapped in green cord for a secure hold
  • Pommel features built-in compass
  • Includes a black sheath with a leg tie
  • A great all-around survival and combat knife


  • Blade is made of stainless steel
  • Sheath is made of leather


  • Overall Length: 13.5 Inches


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