Classic Witch’s Hat

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You cannot get much more original then the Classic Witch’s Hat. This hat is everything a witch hat should be, without any excessive or attention-drawing frills or decorations. It is witchy, pure and simple, and it does not need to be anything else. As a classic witch hat, it is an old standard as far as a witch wardrobe goes. After all, no witch can be considered truly complete unless she owns at least one pointy hat. This particular hat does, indeed, feature a tall point suitable for a witch, as well as featuring a bendable wire within the brim to ensure that the brim can be shaped as the wearer desires. The hat is made from soft velvet and features an interior fabric lining, as well as a Velcro size adjustor that ensures the hats fit can be fine-tuned to personal preference. The only decoration on the hat to speak of, actually, is the blood red hat band that has a silver buckle. The hat is otherwise plain, and it looks good plain. Do not be a witch without a pointy hat – pick up a Classic Witch’s Hat today and fill that gaping void in your witchy wardrobe, or give that witch costume that classic touch that it might be missing.

Key Features:

  • Luxurious Black Velvet Texture
  • Comfortable Inner Lining
  • Bendable Wire Frame in Brim
  • Fitted with Velcro Size Adjustor


  • Made from 75 percent polyester, 25 percent cotton


  • Head Circumference: 23.5 Inches


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