Civil War Officer’s Hat Cord


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This is an alternative hat cord for the Union Slouch Hat and the Confederate Slouch Hat. Decorative cords were wrapped around a hat to help distinguish officers from other soldiers in battle and give them an impressive look. This Civil War Officers Hat Cord is a bit more decorative, possessing a duo-toned look that includes faint brown hues intermixed with golden yellow tones, creating a more visually impressive hat cord. The tips of the cord are adorned with broad knots, while the cord is secured with a matching band that allows the cord to adjust and be slipped loose or tight, as needed.

Key Features:

  • An Alternate Cord for Slouch Hats
  • Crafted from Vibrant Gold-Yellow Fabric
  • Fits Most Slouch Hats Easily
  • Great for Brimmed Civil War And Slouch Hats of All Sorts


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