Childrens Viking Underdress



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We so often think of Vikings as brawny warriors that we neglect to acknowledge the younger members of ancient Nordic society. The Childrens Viking Underdress is exactly the thing for making the Renaissance fair a family event. This cotton, ankle-worn dress is based on typical Viking and medieval underwear. It fits loosely over the body to ensure comfortability and flexibility, but it still yields to the wearing of an overdress. Its sleeves are long so as to retain body heat in wintry weather, and its rounded neckline makes it easy to match with a number of childrens dresses. The Childrens Viking Underdress comes in natural and red, and it makes a great component to childrens medieval or Viking ensembles.

Key Features:

  • Based on Viking girls undergarments
  • Fits loosely over the body for comfort and flexibility
  • Stylish design allows for easy wearing under a variety of medieval dresses
  • Long sleeves are great for cool weather
  • Perfect for Renaissance fairs and medieval reenactments


  • Made from 100% cotton


  • 104: Chest – 27 Inches, Sleeve Length – 14 Inches, Length – 31 Inches
  • 116: Chest – 33 Inches, Sleeve Length – 14.75 Inches, Length – 34 Inches
  • 128: Chest – 33.5 Inches, Sleeve Length – 17.75 Inches, Length – 40.75 Inches
  • 140: Chest – 35.5 Inches, Sleeve Length – 18.5 Inches, Length – 45 Inches
  • 152: Chest – 39.5 Inches, Sleeve Length – 20.5 Inches, Length – 50 Inches


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