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Dressing your child can be one of the hardest jobs to do as a parent, especially with shoes. They either arent fancy enough or hurt their feet. Where can you find the perfect balance? With the Childrens Gentle Lady Flats, of course! These adorable shoes are the perfect way to transform your little one into that fairy princess or dark maiden she always wanted to be while being refined enough for when she needs to be in her Sunday best. Adorned with ruffles and a little bow, these ballet flats are masterfully crafted from fine satin fabric, the perfect median between fancy and conventional! Dont worry about getting your child in and out of them because these shoes feature a slip on build, perfect for those sensitive little feet. No matter the special occasion, whether dress-up time or a costumed affair, your child is sure to adore the Childrens Gentle Lady Flats!!

Key Features:

  • Great way for your child to dress up to the occasion
  • Crafted from high-quality materials
  • Ruffled and feminine accent that your child will love
  • Ideal for princess and dark maiden looks
  • Slip-on build for easy wear
  • Sleek finish for all dressy affairs


  • Made from 100 percent Satin Fabric
  • Soles Made of Synthetic Material


  • Standard US Childrens shoe sizes. Runs true to size.
  • Not available in Wide or Narrow, only Standard


Please keep in mind the fit is relative to the size of the shoe and will vary slightly between sizes.


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