Charles I Civil War Coin Pack

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This Charles I Civil War Coin Pack is a historic collectible that contains not only a bit of great information about the civil wars in England, but also includes a realistic looking, metal replica of one of the coins used during Charles I rule. This collectible is offered in a wallet-type package, folded at the middle, which also features a blister bubble on the front, which holds the replica sixpence. On the interior of the packet is a great deal of information, offering up detailed descriptions of the coin and its decorations, as well as a description of a rival form of currency that went into use after Charles I lost the war. It also includes a bit of information about the Civil War itself, as well as the monarch, Charles I, who was king during that time. The best part about this Charles I Civil War Coin Pack is that it is relatively inexpensive, making it a great collectible and a powerful learning tool, which comes to you complete with a fine historical coin replica to enjoy, once you have absorbed the information contained in the packet.

Key Features:

  • The Coin is Crafted From Lead Free Pewter
  • Held in a Wallet-Folded Blister Pack
  • Packet Features a Great Deal of Information about the Coins
  • Also Offers Historical Details about Charles I and the Civil War
  • Cast from an Original Coin
  • A Phenomenal Collectors Piece or Gift Idea


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