Charles Dickens Figure

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This all-metal statuette is the Charles Dickens Figure, which depicts one of, if not the greatest novelist of the Victorian Age. The figure comes attached to a full-color information card, which features details about all four figures in the series. This figurine depicts a somber looking individual with neatly trimmed facial hair, dressed in typical Victorian fashions, including a long coat buttoned at the top. Dickens himself was credited with many successful stories and is widely considered a literary genius by modern standards. This figurine is made entirely from lead-free pewter, and it measures approximately 4 centimeters tall. This statuette is a one of four figurines in the Famous Victorians collection. This statue is not just for collectors, as there are many who would no doubt enjoy having this little Charles Dickens Figure sitting on their desk or shelf. Writers, historians, and collectors all will find something to enjoy in this statue.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Lead-Free Pewter
  • Impressively Detailed Appearance
  • One of Four In a Collection
  • A Great Gift or Personal Decoration
  • Comes with Full-Colored Information Card


  • Height: 1.6 Inches


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