Celtic Unicorn Shield Pendant

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With the Celtic Unicorn Shield Pendant, you get a fantasy adorned with Celtic inspiration. This pendant is a unique item that captures and combines the essence of two styles in a way that will easily accent your current look. This piece has been constructed from quality Sterling silver and capture an image of a unicorn on a shield style pendant. The fabled beast on this shield has been engraved to show his muscular neck and flowing mane. The Celtic inspired line work surrounding the unicorn adds a traditional feel to this shield based in fantasy. The design of the shield has three dots connecting the smooth lines of the border for a clean look. The stylish Celtic Unicorn Shield Pendant is ideal for anyone who loves fantasy and Celtic artwork, so grab one today and complete your look.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from quality Sterling silver
  • Depicts a unicorn head on a shield
  • Features Celtic details
  • Great for gifting and casual wear
  • Does not include a chain


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