Celtic Triangle Knotwork Pendant

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The Celtic Triangle Knotwork Pendant is a stunning and unique piece of jewelry that could enhance your wardrobe. This elegant piece is a wonderful display of Celtic inspired artwork that many are familiar with. This dazzling item will enhance any outfit that you accent it with. This pendant that has been made to focus on the intricate detail taken when creating Celtic knots. The triangle has been constructed from quality Sterling silver and offers a brilliant shine. The trinity knot is a familiar Christian and polytheist symbol that makes this particular piece an excellent gifting item. For those who love Celtic artwork a pendant like this can also be a collectors item. Be sure to grab this beautiful Celtic Triangle Knotwork Pendant today and add some flash to your outfit.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from quality Sterling silver
  • Constructed into the shape of a triangle
  • Features Celtic knotwork designs
  • Great for gifting and casual wear
  • Does not include a chain


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