Celtic Leaf Pendant – Gold Finish

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There is no end to the variations found in Celtic knots and it is that infinite potential that makes the Celtic knot so intriguing and so attractive. This Celtic Leaf Pendant is a medallion that combines this potential with a classic symbol of nature. Impressively complex, this stunning pendant has a rich gold hue that only enhances the beautiful twists and turns of the incredible Celtic knots that lie within the medallions borders. Circular in shape, this pendant houses several Celtic knots, as well as two impressive shapes. At the pendants center forth both a cross and four leaves, with the leaves sitting between the cross arms. Each leaf is made up of an impressive Celtic knot, which links to a vague, faint diamond shape at the center of the pendant. Each arm the cross also features an impressively styled Celtic knot, which links up and wraps around a circular form in the center of the pendant, which features yet another small Celtic knot. The pendant is double-sided, featuring the same design on each side. It is crafted from sold metal and plated with gold to give it a gilded glimmer that is quite stunning to see. The pendant is perfect for men or women to wear, although it does not include chain (the chain can be purchased separately here on the site). You do not have to be Celtic yourself to enjoy the beauty of a good Celtic knot, although if you do have a bit Celt in your blood, this Celtic Leaf Pendant is a great way to show off your heritage while also sporting a stylish medallion that will leave others in awe of its complexity.

Key Features:

  • Features Impressive Detailing
  • A Double Sided Pendant
  • Great for Casual Wear
  • Can Be Worn by Both men and women
  • Chain Not Included


  • Made from zinc alloy
  • Plated with 24 carat Gold


  • Height: 2.25 Inches
  • Diameter: 1.75 Inches


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