Celtic Knot Harmony Earrings

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Balance and harmony are themes that have graced every culture in one way or another. In a magnificent fusion of the East and West, the Celtic Knot Harmony Earrings provide stunning accessories that are graced with eclectic charm. These hooked pendant earrings are crafted from fine sterling silver that highlights the elegant curves and crisp lines the yin yang symbol and Celtic knotwork have to offer. Delicate Celtic trinity knots make up the opposing halves of this emblem, further accented with stones in the traditional yin-yang style. Pair this matching set to the Celtic Knot Harmony Pendant (PS-TPD4255) to fully harmonize your outfit. When it comes to keeping a balance between accessories to garments, no jewelry can compare to the Celtic Knot Harmony Earrings!

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Key Features:

  • Elegantly combines cultural emblems
  • Hosts incredible eclectic style
  • Masterfully made using high-quality materials
  • Portrays yin yang symbol with Celtic details
  • Accented with stones in traditional yin yang style
  • Comes in matched set of hooked earrings


  • Earrings made from fine sterling silver


  • Earring Height: 1.125 Inches


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