Celtic Crescent Moon Pentacle Pendant

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The moon has always captivated man, and now with the Celtic Crescent Moon Pentacle Pendant you can unlock some of those mysteries. This elegant and dazzling item will impress your friends when they see you proudly wearing it. This piece was carefully crafted from quality Sterling silver and then modeled to create a crescent moon shape. This piece is unique because it features a collection of Celtic inspired lines. Gently cradling the pentacle symbol, this item has smooth lines to help create a clean and distinguished look. Balancing two ancient themes, the Celtic Crescent Moon Pentacle Pendant is ideal for casual wearing or can be a welcome addition to your collection.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from quality Sterling silver
  • Features a pentacle symbol
  • Designed to be a moon with Celtic knots inside
  • Great for gifting and casual wear
  • Does not include a chain


  • Diameter: 1.1 Inches


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