Celtic Coin Pack Cunobelin Stater

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The Cunobelin Stater was an ancient pre-Roman coin named for the king, Cunobeline, who ruled from the late first century BC until the 40s AD. The Celtic Coin Pack Cunobelin Stater allows you to learn more about this coin. Held in wallet type packaging, a reproduction Cunobelin Stater is held in a blister on the front. Coin collectors and Celtic enthusiasts can learn about this coin from the information printed on the inside and reverse of this pack. Add this coin pack to your collection, and enjoy the opportunity to learn about the remnants of this important figure who eventually became the basis for Cymbeline, one of the lesser known plays by William Shakespeare.

Key Features:

  • Features coin collection pack
  • Crafted in wallet style packaging
  • Displays a Cunobelin Stater coin in front blister
  • Makes a great gift or addition to a coin collection
  • Perfect for Celtic, coin, and history enthusiasts


  • Made of pewter


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