Celtic Boar Necklace

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An emblem of fertility, fearlessness, and strength, the boar held an important role for the Celts, served as a meal to honored guests. The Celtic Boar Necklace mimics ancient Pictish carvings with the curling lines on its body. In tales, the boar often appeared as a trickster or was sometimes revealed as an enchanted human being punished for some wicked deed. Crafted from gleaming pewter, the Celtic pendant comes on a fine silver chain that makes the piece simple to wear. The boar necklace is placed on an informational card offering details on the ancient Celtic designs that inspired this piece. The Celtic necklace makes an excellent personal accessory or gift for loved ones.

Key Features:

  • Made from fine pewter
  • Features lovely Celtic design
  • Comes on a silver chain
  • Card shares historical facts
  • Makes a great gift or personal accessory


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