Celtic Blue Stone Necklace

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The smooth curves and fine twists of this Celtic Blue Stone Necklace make it a fine addition to any attire. It can be worn interchangeably as a subtle accent in your everyday apparel or as a centerpiece that adds appeal to your most medieval of looks! The pendant is crafted entirely in lead-free pewter, which offers up a fine silver finish to the jewelry. The knot is gently heart-shaped with subtle points along the ridges and bottom, while featuring a vivid blue rhinestone at the center. Included with the pendant is a black cord necklace for easy wearing. Draped about your neck, this Celtic Blue Stone Necklace is sure to become a fast-favorite, especially since its beauty makes it an easy accent to wear no matter what era you are dressed for!

Key Features:

  • Made entirely from lead-free pewter metal
  • Has a fine polished silver-metal finish
  • Depicts a heart-shaped Celtic knot
  • Adorned with a blue rhinestone crystal at the center
  • A great gift idea or personal accessory
  • Includes a black cord for easy wearing


  • Width: 1.5 Inches
  • Length: 1.6 Inches


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