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When something is casual, it is something that you can wear every day. Well, you can certainly do that with the Casual Bell Sleeved Medieval Shirt, whether you are costuming at the fair or creating your unique style! This womens top is a rather beautiful garment, possessed of a subdued yet appealing style that makes it look great no matter how it is worn. The blouse features a versatile and variable neckline, set with a lace tie at the center that allows it to be pulled tight and worn at the neck, or left loose to wear on or off the shoulders, as the lady desires. The blouse also features full length bell sleeves, which add drape and flow to the garments lovely style, as well. The shirt is made from thin cotton fabric, offering a subtle sheer quality, as well as a lightness that helps to make the garment extremely comfortable to wear. It is offered four different colors, as well as in one standard size. Plus, the cost is pretty low too, and that makes this Casual Bell Sleeved Medieval Blouse an affordable garment that any girl can really enjoy, with medieval looks, Renaissance costumes, modern styles, and contemporary ensembles!

Key Features:

  • A Womens Shirt Made from Cotton Fabric
  • Features Loose Fitting Sleeves with Flared Bell Cuffs
  • Has an Adjustable, Lace-Tied Neckline
  • Extremely Comfortable to Wear
  • A Lovely Garment for Medieval, Fantasy, and Renaissance Costuming


  • Standard: Fits up to a Womens Size 12


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