Camail Viking Helmet

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This skillfully hand-crafted pre-13th century helm gets the name Camail from the meaning curtain-mail, in which a protective curtain of chainmail is hung from the helm. This draping of chainmail, often depicted on helms in historical brass reliefs was meant to protect the neck and shoulders during battle and as with all Viking helms of the time the face area is exposed with a nasal guard. Our wearable historical life size helm is made of 18 gauge steel and is a great addition to all collections. The stand is not included with the Camail Viking Helm. This helmet is not lined, an arming cap would be beneficial to wear when wearing this helmet.

Key Features:

  • Functional Viking Helm
  • Made of 18 Gauge Steel
  • Full Size And Wearable Helmet
  • Hanging Chainmail In Back


  • This helmet fits approximately up to a 8 3/4 Hat size


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