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In a bleak and dreary world of darkness, a caitiff is a common word for a lowly vampire. But even a lowly vampire is something to fear and avoid, as this Caitiff Mask shows that even a fledgling blood-sucker can be a truly terrifying monster to face. The mask retains a generally human shape, although its pale skin immediately makes it identifiable as something more monstrous. The furrowed brow of the mask displays feral hunger, while the narrowed, opened eyes create a natural glare. Their hollowness allows the wearers eyes to show through. A bat-like nose sits at the center of the face. The mouth opens to reveal rows of pointed teeth, curving slightly up to create a frightening smile. The final touch comes from the elongated, pointy ears. This mask is made entirely from high-quality latex. Its overhead design covers the entire head, neck, and upper collar. Monstrous and feral, this Caitiff Mask is the perfect start to building a truly terrifying vampire costume.

Key Features:

  • A Monstrous Mask that Draws on Vampire Fantasy
  • Displays an Impressive Level of Detail
  • Great for Concealing the Face
  • Perfect for Halloween, Costume Parties, Productions, and More


  • Made from High-Quality Latex


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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