Cackling Witch Horror Ornament

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Whatever this ghastly sorceress has got boiling in her cauldron, it is certainly not Christmas punch! The Cackling Witch Horror Ornament is the perfect addition to a spooky tree, but do not drink anything she offers you. This Halloween ornament was designed with the Scream Queen, Linnea Quigley, in mind. Its hand-painted details are quite horrifying. The evil crone stands next to a tree stump filled with magical potions and artifacts. Cackling as she stirs the bubbling brew, this wicked witch is clearly having a wonderful time.

Please note that these are hand poured, hand-painted items. The color and design may vary slightly from the pictures shown.

Key Features:

  • Halloween themed decoration
  • Incredibly detailed miniature of a wicked witch
  • Part of a special collectible ornament series
  • A horrifying addition to your Christmas tree


  • Made from hand poured polyresin


  • Height: 3 Inches


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