Butterfly Leather Half-Mask – Right Side

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Fairies are commonly seen with butterflies and other beautiful creatures flocking around them, a feat that lesser mortals can hardly manage. However, thanks to this Butterfly Leather Half-Mask, you can echo the beauty of a fairy and her butterfly. When you wear this mask, you will have the ethereal appearance of a beautiful figure decorated with a butterfly resting just over one eye. The mask depicts the swallowtail, which has bright yellow-gold colored wings, with blue accents along the blackened tips, as well as dark eyes along the upper winglets. It is accented by dangling clear and gold beads. The mask is available in coverage for the right side. The mask is made entirely from high quality leather, and it is both hand crafted and hand painted. Adding this mask to an existing fairy costume is a great way to enhance your beauty, although the Butterfly Leather Half-Mask also performs well on its own or when worn as a costume mask or as a masquerade mask.

This mask is a limited edition piece that is made here in America, in small batch production runs.

Key Features:

  • Made Entirely from High Quality Leather
  • Hand Crafted Right Here in the USA
  • Hand Painted and Impressively Detailed Appearance
  • Available in Swallowtail Butterfly Design
  • Available in Right Side Coverage
  • Worn Via a Leather Tie in the Back


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