Buccaneers Captain Necklace

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If pirates are known for their live of rich and extravagant shiny things, than pirate captains are the most notorious of the lot. Luckily, though, this Buccaneers Captain Necklace has all the shine that a pirate captain could want in an accessory. This accessory is a pretty little piece that depicts a classic pirates skull that wears a bright red pirates hat. The skull features faux red gemstones for eyes, while behind it are crossed two ornate looking pirate sabers. Both the sabers and the pirate skull are rendered in attractive metallic gold coloration, while the sabers hilts feature additional faux gem decorations, this time in white crystal. The necklace comes complete with a matching gold colored chain for ease of wearing. This Buccaneers Captain Pendant is a fantastic accessory for men and women alike, making it a great piece to wear when you are in pirate costume, or when you just want to show off how much you truly love pirates.

Key Features:

  • An Ornate Looking Pirate Necklace
  • Decorated with Dazzling Red and White Gemstones
  • Features Gold-Toned Skull and Crossed Swords Design
  • Looks Great with Virtually Any Pirate Styled Costume
  • Fun to Wear With Casual Clothing and Attire, Too


  • Crafted from Fine Metal
  • Accented with Faux Gemstones
  • Includes a Matching Gold-Metal Chain


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