Buccaneer LARP Cutlass

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If it is the pirates life for you, make sure you have a LARP weapon that is not only durable and safe, but also looks the part. The Buccaneer LARP Cutlass is a battle ready sword that will last you through every raid by land and sea. Made from latex-free polyurethane foam, this cutlass sword is created through an injection mold process for a sturdy and long lasting weapon. It features a gleaming golden handle, hand painted with non flaking paints, and a skull shaped pommel that adds a touch of sinister flair. The blade sports an iconic saber shape, making it the ideal weapon for any pillaging and plundering pirate. The Buccaneer LARP Cutlass is exactly what you are looking for as you embark on your treasure hunting and land raiding journeys.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from polyurethane foam materials
  • Made through an injection molding process
  • Reinforced with a fiberglass core
  • A solid and sturdy LARP weapon
  • Handles extremely well
  • Great for sparring, practicing, theatrics, or LARP events
  • Has an extremely detailed look


  • Overall Length: 31.5 Inches


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