Buccaneer Beauty Deluxe Eye Patch


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Just because you have got an eye patch does not mean you are actually missing an eye. This Buccaneer Beauty Deluxe Eye Patch is a great pirate accessory to wear that allows you to maintain a fearsome facade without sacrificing the use of one eye! Like a classic eye patch, this accessory is designed to cover one eye. Unlike a typical eye patch, though, this accessory is made from a fine mesh fabric that renders it sheer, allowing you to see through it. The center of the eye patch is dark, almost black in color, while the trim is gold to add a bit of decoration to this simple piece. You can fool your crew and your enemies both into thinking that you are missing an eye when you wear this Buccaneer Beauty Deluxe Eye Patch, while you alone see things clearly, and with both eyes, too.

Key Features:

  • A Classic and Feminine Pirate Eye Patch
  • Features a Solid Looking Patch for Covering the Eye
  • Crafted from See Through Material that Allows for Vision When Worn
  • Elegantly Decorated with Gold Trim
  • A Fantastic Compliment to a Variety of Ladies Pirate, Buccaneer, or Swashbuckler Costumes
  • A Classic Pirate Accessory to Wear for Pirate Gatherings, Costume Parties, Halloween, and More


  • Made from a Fine Polyester Mesh


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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