Brown Steampunk Pants


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A good pair of pants can be the solid foundation on which hundreds of different and great looking Steampunk costumes are built. And these Brown Steampunk Pants are a great pair of pants that offer good style and great convenience, all in one package. These pants are made from comfortable brown fabric in a Jodhpur style, which is based on a style of pants that were originally worn in India. The pants feature flared upper legs and hips with fitted lower legs, possessing velcro closures around the calves. The pants also feature functional cargo pockets for storage and convenience. They are pictured above with spats, which are not included with the pants. Possessed of a distinctive Victorian aesthetic, these Brown Steampunk Pants are just the garment to add to your Steampunk wardrobe, where you will find yourself using them again and again, thanks to how well they blend with virtually any style of Steampunk attire.

Key Features:

  • Made from Comfortable Brown Fabric
  • Designed in a Jodhpur Style
  • Features Functional Cargo Pockets
  • Fitted Legs Feature Velcro Closures At The Calves
  • Spats Are Not Included
  • Looks Great with Steampunk, Colonial, Victorian, and Renaissance Costumes


  • Fit up to a 34 Inch waist.


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