Brown Cotton Underbust Corset

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Whether you are a steampunk adventurer or a gothic lady, the Brown Cotton Underbust Corset is sure to match many different outfits and costumes. This brown cotton corset comes in five sizes. It fastens with a busk in the front and laces up in the back. Spiral steel boning helps with supporting and tightening the corset. In addition, the corset has contrasting black trim along the top and bottom edges. This underbust corset looks wonderful with gothic, steampunk, and even modern outfits.

Key Features:

  • Comes in five sizes
  • Underbust design
  • Fastens with a busk and lacing
  • Features contrasting trim
  • Great for a variety of outfits


  • Made from cotton


  • Size 24: Natural Waist – 26-28 Inches
  • Size 30: Natural Waist – 31.9-33.9 Inches
  • Size 32: Natural Waist – 33.9-35.8 Inches
  • Size 34: Natural Waist – 35.8-38.2 Inches
  • Size 36: Natural Waist – 38.2-40.2 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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