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No name is quite as well known as the name of Caesar. This Brown Caesar Wig helps to duplicate the hairstyle of Julius Caesar during his younger years, when he was known as a great general who conquered armies and helped to quell civil wars. This wig features a very short, cropped hairstyle that features small curls of hair just above the ears, but is otherwise very neat and uniform in shape, cut, and styling. The wig is made entirely from 100 percent synthetic brown hair. Depending on how you wear this wig, you will definitely start to form a resemblance to the famous Caesar of Rome, although you can also wear this Brown Caesar Wig to create a variety of other authentic Roman looks that are not involved with Caesar and Roman emperors.

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Key Features:

  • A Simple Wig with Roman Styling
  • Features Short, Trimmed Hair with Subtle Curls at the Sides
  • A Quick and Easy Way to Change Your Appearance
  • A Great Accent to Caesars, Senators, and Other Roman Costumes
  • Great for Halloween, Roman Reenactments, Stage, Theatre, and More


  • Made of Brown Synthetic Hair


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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