Bronze Armored Knight with Long Axe Statue


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This decorative statue looks heavy. Our Bronze Armored Knight with Long Axe Statue resembles the historic armor worn by medieval knights centuries ago. One would need to be in exceptional shape to wear each piece of this suit. Best believe knights depended on their gear for survival and this statue looks the part of a suit of armor ready to go to war. This cold cast bronze statue features distinctive detailing on each piece making this a stand out piece for your home or office. A great gift idea for friends and loved ones, dont take this bronze suit of armor for granted the next time you imagine what a battle might have been like centuries ago. Deck your imagination out with this regal set of armor and call yourself a champion of European culture.

Key Features:

  • Depicts a medieval knight in a suit of armor holding a long axe
  • Unique detailing on each piece of armor makes for a distinctive sculpture
  • Features crystal accents on the long axe
  • Resembles a historic suit of armor used in medieval times
  • Great decor item or gift idea for those interested in medieval weapons and armor


  • Made from cold cast bronze


  • Height: 7.09 Inches
  • Width: 1.77 Inches
  • Length: 2.76 Inches


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