Brocade Layer Bustle Skirt


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A woman should have a versatile wardrobe filled with adaptable pieces. The Brocade Layer Bustle Skirt helps to create steampunk and gothic looks. This black brocade skirt comes in a range of sizes. In the front, the cotton blend skirt ends just below the knees, depending on the height of the wearer. There are two pulls that help to raise this front hem in order to create a ruched, high-low silhouette. On the back, the skirt has corset-style lacing at the waist. There are three layers along the back with a curved hem. A plain black trim adorns the edges of each layer in the back and the front hem as well. The Brocade Layer Bustle Skirt works well with many different pieces. Wear it to various occasions that call for a steampunk or gothic style.

Key Features:

  • Comes in a range of sizes
  • Adjustable front hem for high-low look
  • Corset-style lacing in back
  • Triple layer design
  • Great for gothic and steampunk styles


  • Made from 95 percent cotton 5 percent Spandex blend

Care Instructions:

  • Dry cleaning recommended.

WaistHipsOverall Length
Small25.5 inches36 inches42 inches
Small/Medium26.5 inches37 inches42 inches
Medium28 inches38.5 inches43 inches
Medium/Large 31 inches39.5 inches43.5 inches
Large 32 inches41.5 inches43.5 inches
Large/X-Large 33.5 inches45 inches44 inches
X-Large 33.5 inches47 inches44 inches
X-Large/XX-Large 36.5 inches49 inches44.5 inches
XX-Large 40 inches52.5 inches45 inches


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