Brimstone Demon Mask

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Visions of Hades are often not complete unless there is fire and brimstone. Born of a similar thread, this Brimstone Demon Mask allows you to change your look into that of a classic demon from hell with red skin and black horns. The mask has powerful, bold features, with red skin mottled with black spots. Its mouth is opened to reveal rows of teeth and fangs grinding together, while three horns dot the masks features. Two on the brow curl like rams horns around the pointed ears, while a third on the chin stands in for a beard. The Brimstone Demon Mask is made entirely in latex materials, and is the perfect choice for when you need that classic image of devilry and demonica in your costume.

Key Features:

  • A mask depicting a traditional red devil
  • Possesses a classic red skin tone with black spots
  • Features curved horns and a horn-beard
  • Covers most of the head when worn
  • A great costume mask for Halloween, costume events, and more


  • Made from latex


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