Brass Cavalier Roman Helmet


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Diverging from the classic galea (the name for a Roman helmet), the Brass Cavalier Roman Helmet features a rounded top and a straight back with a wide panel for protecting the neck. Hinged cheek guards protect the sides of the face. The edges of these cheek guards, near the face, are curved to offer wider protection while retaining sight and ventilation. Made entirely of 20 gauge brass, the Roman helm features an attractive polished look. The inside is unlined. As you can imagine, the Brass Cavalier Roman Helmet makes quite a statement when worn, and that is exactly its purpose, as even a rider mounted on a horse would be quite visible and noticeable in this helmet. Wear this Roman soldier helmet for your next reenactment, theatrical performance, or other historical occasion.

Key Features:

  • Has hinged cheek guards
  • Wide back panel protects neck
  • Has a polished finish
  • Great for reenactment and costume use


  • Front to Back: 8.7 Inches
  • Side to Side: 7.25 Inches
  • Interior Circumference: 25.5 Inches
  • Weight: 4 Pounds


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