Bloody Sickle

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If you can believe it, the sickle was once just a simple farming implement that was used for harvesting grain. Of course, as the Bloody Sickle shows, the heavy curve and the sharp edge make the sickle a wickedly effective weapon, as well. In some cases, the curve of the sickle actually allows it to cut through materials easier, making severed limbs and decapitations much more common when facing off against a zombie. This impressive prop is modeled after a traditional harvesting sickle, as opposed to one of the many weaponized versions that were used throughout history. Thus, the sickle has a simple wooden handle that looks well-used and features a small hole at the end, which makes hanging the sickle up at the end of the day easy. The blade has a wicked, crescent-shape to it with the sharpened edge on the inside of the curve, which allows for a slicing, hooking motion. The blade is colored gray like iron but features black pit marks and dried blood stains from use. It is safe to assume that it was used against zombies since wheat and other grains tend not to bleed. This prop is made from molded plastic that is lightweight and easy to handle. It measures approximately 18 inches long, when measured from the tip of the handle to the top of the blade. What was once a common, if slightly outdated, farm tool was repurposed at the onset of the zombie menace. Instead of scything down wheat, this Bloody Sickle now works best in the hands of a survivor and a zombie slayer as they shear through the ranks of the undead hordes. Survivors beware, though, that a sickle might inadvertently end up in the hands of a zombie. And while a zombie might not know the correct technique to a sickle, they do not need it, because the hooked blade just makes it that much easier to pull a still-living survivor into biting range

Key Features:

  • A Classic Zombie Killing Weapon
  • Rather Lightweight and Well-Sized
  • Has a Wood-like Handle and Bloodstained Metal-like Blade
  • Inspired Prop for Horror Ensembles and Scenes
  • A Fantastic Weapon or Prop for Zombie Survivors and Zombies Themselves


  • Crafted Entirely from High-Quality Plastic


  • Length: 18 Inches


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