Bloody Leg Bandage


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Whenever you are fighting and running for your lives from the shambling undead hordes, you do not always have time to dress a wound properly. Sometimes, you wind up with something like the Bloody Leg Bandages, a makeshift wrap that is covered in blood. It is not the prettiest or even the best medical treatment available, but it will suffice until the chaos of combat stops and a professional can address it properly. This accessory is made up of white gauze material that gives the impression of several rolls of white gauze bandage that has been wrapped around the leg to staunch the flow of blood from one (or more) cuts, scrapes, gashes, or bites. This bandage slides over the leg like a cast and is decorated with several bloody red stains, making the wrap look like it was applied only moments ago. This leg bandage is available in only one size, which fits most adults and teens. The Bloody Leg Bandage is a great way to give yourself a fake injury that looks great on survivor and zombie looks of all sorts. And it is certainly better (read less painful and messy) than any real injury.

Key Features:

  • Has Realistic Looking Fresh Blood Stains
  • Fits Over the Leg like A Cast
  • Offers a Surreal Look Suited to the Apocalypse
  • Perfect for the Halloween Season
  • A Great Addition to any Zombie Costume or Setting


  • Made from Polyester Gauze Material


  • Fits Most Adults and Teens


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