Bloody Blasted Beanie

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Do not be surprised if people give you a funny look when you are wearing this Bloody Blasted Beanie. You do not see such a sight every day, the beanie making it look like you have suffered a through and through shot to the head. This startling example of horror headwear consists of a grey polyester knit beanie hat that, when worn on the head, creates image of a usually fatal injury. This hat comes fitted with two latex appliances that give the image of a traditional gunshot wound, including an entrance wound and a visceral and explosive looking exit wound, complete with blood-stained fabric and shattered bone. This beanie hat is a great way to make a scene on Halloween, where its gory look and feel will put you as the center of the crowd, whether you are fully in costume or just enjoying the novelty of this incredible hat. If you are looking for a fun new accessory to add to your horror scene or zombie costume, this bloody Blasted Beanie is the hat to turn to, adding a touch of violence that brings any zombie to life, metaphorically speaking.

Key Features:

  • Made from Grey Polyester Fabric
  • Features Gruesome Latex Additions
  • Looks Like A Bullets Entrance and Explosive Exit Wound
  • Impressively Detailed Appearance
  • Perfect for Adding that Gruesome, Wounded Appearance to Costumes
  • Fantastic for Halloween, Costumed Events, Horror Scenes, and More


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