Bloodthirsty Roar Vampire Mask

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As the midnight hour draws near, a creature of the night roars in triumph over catching his prey, the first since his awakening. That bone-chilling howl is captured in magnificent detail on the Bloodthirsty Roar Vampire Mask! As it looms over its catch, this monstrous creature bares its blood-stained fangs in warning. A subtle gray tint to the unmistakably blue flesh of this vampire mask displays the depravity it endured in its undead state, the pointed ears having searched for any sign of life. Deep set among its creased features, two properly-shaped holes take the place of eyes, allowing for easy maneuverability. The Bloodthirsty Roar Vampire Mask is crafted from high-quality latex in a full head design that makes it the ideal choice for every costumed occasion!

Key Features:

  • Depicts monstrous, bloodsucking beast
  • Built to cover the head entirely
  • Well-designed eye holes
  • Ideal for Halloween and other costumed events


  • Made from high-quality latex


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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