Blackened Military Commando Knife


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Soldiers have long relied on rugged and harsh blades to see them through the worst of situations, and now, you can take a page from their book by equipping yourself with the utterly straightforward yet effective Blackened Military Commando Knife. This knife is made from blackened steel, which enhances its tactical appeal and makes it hard to spot. Easy to carry and conceal, this knife is a convenient and covert little weapon. The double-edged spear-point blade makes it quite a strong weapon or tool. The knife features short, wing-tip guards and a small fuller down the blade to help reduce its weight and keep this knife light, mobile, and quick. The full-length tang is wrapped with green paracord for a secure grip, and the knife comes with a matching green sheath for storing. Straightforward design makes this Blackened Military Commando Knife a hardy and effective blade, one that any warrior should reach for and carry, no matter the situation.

Key Features:

  • Features a full spear point blade
  • Fuller down blade length keeps knife light
  • Blackened for a tactical effect
  • Handle is wrapped in green paracord
  • Includes matching green sheath
  • Great for camping, survival, and more


  • Blade is made of steel


  • Overall Length: 11 Inches


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