Blackbeards Queen Annes Revenge Model Ship


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Few pirates are as well-known as Edward Teach, also known simply as Blackbeard. His ship remains infamous to this day, making the Blackbeards Queen Annes Revenge Model Ship a great piece of history to display in your home. This fantastic model is painted in the same fashion as the actual Queen Annes Revenge, and it proudly shows off its notorious flag depicting a horned skeleton holding a spear over a single red heart. Designed to add class and history to any room, the model of Blackbeards Queen Annes Revenge is an absolutely beautiful item with the detail to impress and the size to fit almost anywhere.

Key Features

  • Ready for Immediate Display, This is NOT a Kit
  • Crafted from cherry, birch, maple, and rosewood
  • Rests On A Wooden Base with Brass Nameplate
  • Features 11 hand-sewn black cloth sails and handcrafted wooden hull and masts

A Brief History of Blackbeards Queen Annes Revenge

Built as the Concord in 1710 by the British, this ship was captured by first the French in 1711, then by pirate captain Benjamin Hornigold in 1717. Hornigold turned the ship over to one of his own pirates, a man named Edward Teach, and made him captain of the captured vessel. Teach would later come to be known by another moniker, Blackbeard, due to his thick, black facial hair.

Blackbeard converted La Concorde into his flagship and renamed her Queen Annes Revenge. The name may have come from the War of the Spanish Succession, known in the Americas as Queen Annes War, in which Blackbeard fought. It was one of the largest ships of its time. Blackbeard ranged with this ship from the west coast of Africa to the Caribbean, attacking British, Dutch and Portuguese ships along the way.

Shortly after blockading Charleston harbor, Blackbeard ran his ship aground while attempting to enter Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina. Blackbeard disbanded his flotilla and escaped by transferring supplies onto the smaller ship, Adventure. The pirate captain abandoned several crew members on a small island nearby, and they were later rescued by Captain Stede Bonnet. Some sources suggest that Blackbeard deliberately grounded the ships as an excuse to disperse the crew. Shortly afterward, he surrendered and accepted a royal pardon from Governor Charles Eden at Bath, North Carolina.

Teach would later return to piracy, which would ultimately prove to be the death of this infamous pirate.


  • Overall Length: 15 Inches
  • Overall Width: 3 Inches
  • Overall Height: 12 Inches


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