Black Watch Tartan Kilt

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The kilt is a classic piece of Scottish Highland attire, but as important as the garment is the tartan, which can easily identify any as a member of a certain clan. The Black Watch Tartan Kilt features the tartan belonging to its name, which is not credited to any specific clan, but rather to a branch of the Scottish military. The Black Watch, for which this tartan is named and represents, is an infantry battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, which serves in the British Army Infantry. The tartan itself features a repeating design of a square broken up into smaller squares by black lines, progressing from green, to black, to blue at its center. This kilt is a modern-day recreation, although it still features straps and buckles, just as the originals did, to secure the garment about the waist when it is ready to be worn. This kilt is offered in several sizes by measurement of the natural waist in inches. For anyone looking to emulate the iconic look of a Highland Scotsman, this Black Watch Tartan Kilt is a great way to start.

Key Features:

  • Features the Tartan of the Black Watch, of the Royal Scottish Regiment
  • Pattern consists of black, blue, and green colors
  • Has attached leather straps with buckles for wearing
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Great for casual wearing, events, or costuming


  • Made from acrylic wool fabric


  • Order by Natural Waist Size
  • Kilt Length: 24 Inches


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