Black Midnight Gathering Skirt

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As black as night itself, this Black Midnight Gathering Skirt is a tasteful piece of gothic style that will leave other speechless when they see it. From afar, this skirt is a pretty enough, but up close is when all its detailing becomes apparent. This skirt is made from quality black fabrics, featuring several different elements all woven into one attractive garment. The skirt is entirely black, although its different layers and designs help to set it apart from any other plain black skirt. A sheer mesh overskirt falls over the skirts length and is decorated with black ribbon bows along its hem. The underskirt is a simple black skirt that ends with a lengthy trim of decorative black floral lace. The skirt is available in one standard size, which fits between a 26 and a 32 inch waist. Vampiress are notorious for their picky tastes, in both prey and fashion, although this Black Midnight Gathering Skirt is definitely a garment that will accommodate even the most discerning of gothic styled tastes.

Key Features:

  • Made from Comfortable, Black Fabrics
  • Has a Definitive and Beautiful Gothic Style
  • Ideal Addition to a Variety of Looks and Themes
  • A Great Stand-Alone Garment
  • Adds a Definite Wow Factor to Any Gothic or Vampire Costume


  • Skirt Made from Polyester


  • Standard: Fits a 26-32 Inch Waist


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