Black Long Practice Red Cedar Chanter


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Want to learn to play the bagpipes? Make sure that you learn to play the chanter first like the Black Long Practice Red Cedar Chanter. Made from red cedar, this practice chanter has an all-black finish. It also has a black, plastic mouthpiece. The chanter comes with a reed. It has seven finger holes tuned to the key of B flat. With its quieter sound, this instrument works better for indoor practice than a full set of bagpipes. Also, the chanter comes apart for storage. This instrument is great for anyone interested in traditional Scottish music.

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Key Features:

  • Has seven finger holes
  • Comes with a reed
  • Tuned to the key of B flat
  • Useful for learning the bagpipes
  • Great for Scottish music enthusiasts


  • Made from red cedar
  • Mouthpiece is plastic

Care Instructions:

  • After each use, take chanter apart and gently shake out any moisture. When assembling or disassembling, grasp the pieces near where they join to avoid breaking the instrument. Store in a dry area and away from direct sunlight.


  • Length: 19 Inches
  • Diameter: 1 Inch

Measurements are approximate.


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