Biting Zombie Bottle Opener

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Sometimes, a zombies bite can be a good, or at least, a helpful thing! This Biting Zombie Bottle Opener is proof, as this zombies bite is a handy helper that allows survivors to easily get annoying bottles open with ease. Crafted entirely in hand painted, cold cast resin, this accessory combines the ideal look of a traditional zombie with the functionality of a zombie opener, making it a key part of any survivors zombie apocalypse theme. The zombie itself is colored a dark, decayed green color, with added touches of bone and bloody muscle that show through thanks to rips, tears, and gashes in the zombies skin. Its feral eyes are turned upward slightly, as if it is stuck looking up at all who approach, while its mouth is permanently fastened around a metal bottle opener. Finally, someone has gone and put a zombie to good use. Mount this Biting Zombie Bottle Opener on a wall, and you can start using this zombie to open all your favorite bottled beverages and more. And do not worry, as this zombie is incapable of biting you, especially now that it has a bottle opener in its mouth!

Key Features:

  • Hand painted to create a classic zombie horror look
  • Depicts a zombies face with open jaws and hungry eyes
  • Features a steel bottle opener in its mouth
  • Displays an extreme level of gory detail
  • A scary accent for zombie enthusiasts


  • Made of cold cast resin


  • Height: 5.75 Inches


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