Biohazard Zombie Warning Tape


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The whole purpose of this Biohazard Zombie Warning Tape is not to keep zombies at bay, but to ward off humans who might be approaching the area. This tape is a mimicry of classic warning tape with a zombified twist. Like classic caution tape, this role of warning tape features a vibrant yellow color that stands out to the eye, even in relatively dark conditions. The tape features the word Caution printed in bold, worn black lettering, as well as a large biohazard symbol. Following the biohazard symbol are the words, Biohazard Zombie Zone, followed by a stylized zombie head. Dripping across the top of the tape are green stains, like that of radioactive zombie blood. Wrap some of these Biohazard Zombie Warning Tape around your yard, house, or site of zombie activity to at least attempt to warn others of the dangers, while also sending a small chill down their spines

Key Features:

  • A Great and Novel Zombie Decoration
  • Zombie Themed Caution Tape
  • Perfect for Taping Off Areas
  • Features Design on Both sides
  • Perfect for the Halloween Season
  • A Great Addition to any Zombie Outbreak or Setting


  • Crafted from High-Quality Plastic


  • Length: 20 Feet


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