Biohazard Zombie Green Ooze Wound


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A regular zombie is bad enough, much less without the added hazard of radioactivity. This Biohazard Zombie Green Ooze Wound is a tell-tale way to determine that a zombie has been contaminated with biohazard materials. Each package contains one sheet, which features a large, impressively detailed wound. The wound features wrinkled and torn skin in a strange, almost unidentifiable pattern, making the source of the wound impossible to tell, while still featuring an eerie green ooze across its surface that makes the wound itself look toxic. Additional green detailing in the flesh around the wound only supports its contaminated look. If you are looking to create a zombie that has gotten into biohazard materials and become something else, then more than likely you are going to need a good wound or two, and you can have just that exactly when you use this Biohazard Zombie Green Ooze Wound.

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Key Features:

  • Perfect for Creating a Realistic and Effective Toxic Zombie Look
  • Each Package Contains One Sheet that Features an Impressively Detailed Injury
  • Wounds Are Easy to Cut Out and Can be Applied Virtually Anywhere
  • A Great Looking Touch to Any Radioactive Zombie Costume
  • Fantastic for Halloween Season and Zombie Outbreaks


  • Made from High-Quality Latex


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