Bilbo Baggins of The Shire Sticker


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For one who rarely ventures beyond his own home, an epic quest to save the kingdom goes beyond all comfort. The Bilbo Baggins of the Shire Sticker captures the image of the simple Hobbit that discovered the clever hero within. This collectible sticker features the movie depiction of Bilbo Baggins as played by Martin Freeman in The Hobbit movie trilogy. He stands confidently outside a rustic round window. He is simply dressed with suspenders and rolled-up sleeves. A magnificent woodland scene with colorful sunset lies beyond our hero. He smiles, as though to say, it is time to journey forth.

Key Features:

    • Collectible vinyl sticker from the Hobbit – An Unexpected journey
    • Features Bilbo Baggins as portrayed by Martin Freeman
    • Captures the image of the heroic hobbit with a woodland setting
    • A fine gift for fans of the simple hobbit


    • Approximate Size: 4 Inches


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