Bewitching Black Pumps

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How do you spot a witch? For starters, you usually look for pointy shoes. Although once you catch sight of these Bewitching Black Pumps, a bit of witchy style will hardly seem like a bad thing. In fact, these shoes make it seem like a very good thing. And with the rich detail and design that goes into these shoes, that is not particularly a surprising fact. After all, it is good to bad sometimes, right? These shoes are made entirely from synthetic materials and feature a shimmery black finish across most of the shoe, with the pointy toe and the top of the heel being flat back in hue. The mouth of the shoe is accented with black lace trim, and similar sheer lace ribbon accents the beginning of the 4 inch long heel. Even the laces are worth mentioning, as they are sheer black ribbon, instead of the usual black lace. These shoes are a content medium between casual footwear and classy, formal pumps, as well as a perfect blend of bewitching style that will allow you to benefit from a little dark magic all year around, whenever you chose to wear these Bewitching Black Pumps.

Key Features:

  • A Pair of Beautiful Black Pumps
  • Made Entirely from Synthetic Materials
  • A Close-Toed Shoe with a 4 Inch Heel
  • Has A Shimmery Finish, Lace and Ribbon Accents, and a Sheer Black Lacing
  • Designed to be High Quality Footwear
  • Perfect for Witch Costumes, Mystical Looks, Forman Styles and Casual Wearing


  • Standard US Womens Shoe size. Runs true to size, these are not available in Wide or Narrow, just Standard.


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