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Not all creatures from faith and religion are sacred beasts. Some are infernal creatures and untamable beasts that man cannot hope to conquer. One such devil is a beast of chaos and land, and this Behemoth Mask bears both its name and its feral spirit. Tightly drawn red skin stretches over a skull that is too broad to be human. A pair of curled horns breaks through either side of the head, while a ridge runs down the center of the crown. Its mouth is opened in a feral roar that reveals two rows of jagged, crooked fangs. The eyes are small and sunken. Small slits above them allow the wearer of the mask to see out with ease. The mask is made entirely from high-quality latex. The overhead design covers the entire head and neck when worn. Not all devils are calculating schemers. Some, like the one depicted by this Behemoth Mask, are feral and ferocious, as much a wild, raging beast as they are a supernatural terror.

Key Features:

  • Wild and Feral Devil Mask
  • Displays an Impressive Level of Detail
  • Ideal for Concealing the Face
  • Great Choice for Building Devil, Demon, and Monster Costumes
  • Perfect for Halloween, Costume Parties, and More


  • Made from High-Quality Latex


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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