Atreides Steampunk Heels

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Atreides is a word that is synonymous with power, and as such, the Atreides Steampunk Heels are designed to be bold and direct. These heels stand out in a crowd, drawing favorable attention with their impressive and ultimately unique appearance. Atreides references the sons of Atreus, an ancient king, and as such, these shoes are impeccably regal and grand. They are made of synthetic leather, and feature attractive faux fur decoration along the top and front of the shoe. They are a closed toe platform shoe that fastens via six attractive flame styled buckles on the front and side. Three metal spike studs decorate the back of the shoe, and the heel is composed of metal struts and supports that are secured and screwed together. Decorating the back of the heel is an arrangement of Steampunk gears, reminiscent of a butterfly, ensuring that while the shoe is made to stand out, it also retains a level of ladylike elegance and class. Whether you are wearing them to a Steampunk ball full of debutantes to a gathering of friends, or just because you want to, the Atreides Steampunk Heels are the perfect shoes to wear when you want to demonstrate a strong sense of elegance and style.

Key Features:

  • Made from Synthetic Leather
  • Features Metallic Steampunk Styled Heels
  • Attractive Faux Fur Accents
  • Decorated with Spikes, Gears, and Steampunk Buckles
  • Available in Black or Brown
  • Closed Toe Platform Shoe


  • Standard US Womens shoe sizes. They run true to size. They are not available in Wide or Narrow, just Standard.


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