Arrowhead Tomahawk


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This tomahawk takes the typical design of a classic frontier weapon and makes it elegant and attractive. The Arrowhead Tomahawk has the look of a true tomahawk with an added bit of style that makes it impressive to look at. This axe takes the concept of the tomahawk and advances it to the next level. Like the classic tomahawk, it features a straight hardwood haft, but that is about where the differences end. Instead of a plain, unadorned blade that is made for battle, this axe features a decorative carbon steel blade with a blackened finish. An arrow-shaped cut-out has been removed from the blade, while an arrow-shaped poll was added to the back of the axe-head, no doubt giving this weapon its name. The curve of the axe is far more distinctive as well, possessing a rounded head that ensures it is a truly distinctive looking tomahawk. Hanging from your belt, this Arrowhead Tomahawk would certainly make for an impressive side-arm, one that is bound to attract a fair bit of attention from all those who see it.

Key Features:

  • Axe Head is Crafted from Carbon Steel
  • Features an Unadorned Wood Handle
  • Blackened Axe-Head Features an Arrow-Shaped Cut-out
  • An Arrow-Shaped Poll Adorns the Back of the Axe
  • Perfect for Display or Use as a Costume or Prop Weapon


  • Haft Length: 15 Inches
  • Weight: 2 lbs.


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