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The samurai were the ruling class of warriors for virtually all of Japans feudal era, and have gained notoriety as some of the finest warriors in history. Now you can show off the same look as this great warrior with this Armored Samurai Mens Costume. This costume recreates a typical armored samurai in some of the more common pieces of armor, including the do (the chest piece), the kote (sleeves), the suneate (shin armor), and the haidate (thigh armor). The costume includes a shirt that features the attached chest piece, here featuring several arrow designs along the abdomen and twin dragons embossed into the breastplate. Attached to the shirt are shoulder spaulders. Included with the costume is a pair of pants which feature attached waist armor. The final touches from a pair of arm bands and leg bands, further simulating armor, as well as a classic looking Japanese kabuto, or helmet that features a three-pronged crest at the helmets forefront. Please note that the costume does not include gloves, prop weapons, or shoes, although these accessories can be purchased separately. Also note that this costume armor that is designed for appearances only.

Key Features:

  • A Quality Halloween Costume
  • Includes a Shirt with Chest Piece, Pants with Leg Armor, Arm Bands, Leg Bands, Sash, and a Helmet
  • Fierce Black Color Offers Image of Power
  • Complete the Look with a Prop Sword, Gloves, and Sandals
  • A Great Japanese Themed Costume for Any Man to Wear
  • Great for Halloween, Renaissance Fairs, Costume Parties, Themed Events, and More


  • Shirt, Sash, and Pants Made from 100 percent Polyester Fabric
  • Pants Host Elastic Waistband for Comfortable Fit
  • Armor Pieces Made from High-Quality Plastic
  • Armor Ties over Garments for Custom Fit


  • Standard: Fits Up to a 42 Inch Chest


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