Arcana The Magi Statue By Ruth Thompson


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According to its creator, the Arcana The Magi Statue By Ruth Thompson represents the learned side of magic. In the original artwork, a doorway appears above the wizard, displaying these words in Runic, What a Piece of Work is Man. This polystone interpretation of the wizard was crafted and hand-painted with special attention to detail. Note the important symbols emphasized in this piece. In his right hand, the sorcerer holds the Spellbook of Magic. With the other hand, he grips a staff that is topped with a blue orb. The Wand is tucked securely into his belt. The Scroll peeks out from the right pocket of his skirt. A Magical Cloak drapes over his shoulders. The small dragon perched on his shoulder and the white Bengal tiger reclining at his feet serve as his Familiars.

Key Features:

  • Hand-painted with intricate detail
  • Presents a 3D rendition of Arcana The Magi
  • Inspired by the artwork of Ruth Thompson
  • A fantasy themed accent for your home or office


  • Made from Polystone


  • Height: 11.5 Inches


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