Aragorn T-Shirt


It is no surprise that this Aragorn T-Shirt depicts the ranger, Aragorn, although instead of ranger garb, he is depicted in the regalia befitting his lineage as Isildurs heir and his eventual position as the king of Gondor and Arnor. This t-shirt is black, which helps to accent the impressive nature of its design, allowing Aragorn to stand out like the great king he is. Aragorn is depicted holding Anduril, the reforged sword of his ancestors, in a battle-ready pose. The vertically aligned blade splits his face down the center. Aragorn himself wears the armor of Gondor, featuring full protection as well as the silver tree of Gondor on his breastplate. Behind Aragorn is his battle banner, which is red and features the tree of Gondor, although only its limbs can be seen. At the bottom of the portrait is the kings name, written in bold white script as simply Aragorn. This shirt is made from 100% 6 oz. cotton and is a standard fitting adult t-shirt. It is pre-shrunk and machine washable. Thanks to its quality construction, the shirt is extremely comfortable to wear. Now, thanks to this Aragorn T-Shirt, you can pay homage to this great king and superb warrior whenever you want, just by wearing a shirt that features his appearance. Hail to the king!

Key Features:

  • A Licensed Lord of the Rings Product
  • Made from 100% 6 oz. Cotton
  • High-Quality Standard Fitting Adults T-Shirt
  • Features Impressive Artwork Inspired by Lord of the Rings
  • Great For Everyday Wear
  • A Fantastic Gift Idea


  • Small: Fits 36 Inch Chest, 27 Inch Length
  • Medium: Fits 40 Inch Chest, 29 Inch Length
  • Large: Fits 44 Inch Chest, 31 Inch Length
  • X-Large: Fits 48 Inch Chest, 32 Inch Length
  • XX-Large: Fits 52 Inch Chest, 33 Inch Length
  • XXX-Large: Fits 56 Inch Chest, 34 Inch Length


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